Each edition of the Sebastià Gasch FAD Awards since its establishment, in 1976, has meant an important fact for its protagonists, of the circus and the spectacle. In this section we want to emphasize some parallel facts to the Awards that are significant for the history of paratheatrical art of the city of Barcelona.

On the occasion of the golden wedding of the professional work of Sebastià Gasch as a writer, journalist and critic, the members of FAD thought that it was an adequate moment to render a deserved tribute. It built a honor committee which prepared an entire series of activities centralized on the versatile figure of this large fan of paratheatrical arts.

Exposition “Sebastià Gasch: Cincuenta años de vanguardia” (Fifty years of vanguard). The sample visually gathered the world of Gasch and his work.

Conference led by Anna Díaz-Plaja: “Vida y milagros de Sebastià Gasch” (Life and miracles of Sebastià Gasch).

Dinner in tribute to Sebastià Gasch with the presence of artists, members of the letters, the arts, the press and critic…

Conference led by Joan Francesc de Lasa: “Sebastià Gasch y el mundo del cine” (Sebastià Gasch and the world of cinema).

Conference led by d’Antonina Rodrigo: “Sebastià Gasch y García Lorca”.

Conference led by Xavier Fàbregas: “Sebastià Gasch y el mundo del music-hall, de los títeres y del teatro” (Sebastià Gasch and the world of the music-hall, the puppets and the theater).

Conference led by Cesáreo Rodríguez Aguilera: “El arte y la crítica de arte” (Art and the critique of art).

Conference led by Alexandre Cirici i Pellicer: “Gasch, combativo” (Spirited Gasch).

Committee of honor
Antoni de Moragas Gallissà, president of FAD
Carles Andreu (Charlie Rivel)
Joan-Jordi Bergós
Jaume Carner Suñol
Joan Casablancas
Joan B. Cendrós
Albert Folch Rusiñol
Gustau Gili
Joaquim Gomis
Eusebi Isern Dalmau
Joan Miró
Frans Ribas Barangé
Josep-Lluís Sert
Joan Suñol Solé
Joan Uriach
Domènec Valls Taberner

Committee organizers
Antoni de Moragas i Gallissà
Juli Schmid i Saludes
Daniel Giralt-Miracle
Ferran Freixa
Jaume Casademont
Josep Corredor-Matheos
August Ferrer
Miguel Milà

Jordi Angusto
Hermann Bonnin
Cesáreo Rodríguez-Aguilera
Alexandre Cirici i Pellicer
Anna Díaz-Plaja
Xavier Fàbregas
Josep M. Güells
Albert Ràfols i Casamada
Frederic Roda

Production Committee
Anna Díaz-Plaja
Ferran Freixa
Alícia Núñez
Xavier Olivé
Carles Pazos
Albert Ràfols Casamada

General Coordination
Daniel Giralt-Miracle

From this tribute, Fad instituted the Sebastià Gasch FAD Award of paratheatrical arts.

With the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Sebastià Gasch, diverse organizations and institutions such as FAD, KRTU, Espai Escènic Joan Brossa, Institución de las Letras Catalanas, Institut de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona, Institut del Teatre, Asociación Catalana de Críticos y Escritores Cinematográficos, Macba and Patronato Municipal de Cultura de Mataró, have come to agreement to conduct commemorative actions with the collaboration of the Fundación Caixa Catalunya, la Fundación Joan Miró, la Asociación de Escritores en Lengua Catalana, el Colegio de Periodistas de Cataluña, Parsifal Edicions and editions El Mèdol.

Among others they have carried out the following activities:

Exposition “Sebastià Gasch, crítico de arte y de las artes del espectáculo” (Sebastià Gasch, critic of art and the art of the spectacle).

Round table: “Gasch multifacético” (Versatile Gasch). With the participation of Joan M. Minguet (“Gasch, la vanguardia y la crítica de arte”); Miquel Porter-Moix (“Gasch y el cine”); Jordi Jané (“Gasch, cronista de espectáculos”) and Emili Gasch.
Moderator: Guillem-Jordi Graells.

Round table: “Sebastià Gasch y el cine”. With the participation of José M. Nunes, Pere Portabella, Miquel Porter and Joan M. Minguet.
Moderator: Àngel Quintana, president of the Asociación Catalana de Críticos y Escritores Cinematográficos.

Inauguration of the Sebastià Gasch Room in the Mercat de les Flors.

Series Sebastià Gasch, incide the series Converses a Barcelona in the Espai 4 of the Palau de la Virreina of Barcelona.

Incide the program Conversaciones en las salas, and coinciding with the presentation of the collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Barcelona, MACBA, a session will take place dedicated to a Sebastià Gasch as an art critic.

Calle Sebastià Gasch, tribute spectacle to Sebastià Gasch. Directed by Hermann Bonnin.

Presentacion of the book Sebastià Gasch, el gusto por el circo, by Jordi Jané and Joan M. Minguet. El Mèdol editions.

Exposition “ADLAN y el circo Frediani. Juegos icarios”.

Traveling exposition “Sebastià Gasch, crítico de arte y de las artes del espectáculo”.

Sebastià Gasch FAD Awards Of Paratheatrical Arts