In 1976, FAD constituted the FAD SebastiÓ Gasch Awards to distinguish the most outstanding theatrical performances of the season and all those people who propose different views and innovators of the world of spectacle.

Since the, the jury, formed by a heterogeneous group of onlookers, renewed periodically and tries to be attentive to the original proposals and the trajectory of their protagonists. After attending throughout each season all of the possible presentations, at the time to chose the awards each member of the jury defended their delirium of passion, until they come to an agreement, a sincere intent to recognize a special fact: the creation without limits.

According to the marked statutes, annually the give three important awards and a number of undetermined applauses:

The FAD SebastiÓ Gasch Award, to distinguish the most outstanding contribution of the year, which has materialized in a golden mask signed by Joan Brossa.

The Award of Honor, diploma that grants like recognition to the trajectory o fan artist, space or organization.

The “Joan German Schroeder” International Applause to a foreign person, work or organization that has left it’s mark in its pass through the city.

The Applauses are distinct for a person, work or organization that are outstanding by some especially excellent aspect.

SebastiÓ Gasch was a journalist and writer, an art critic of vanguard of spectacle arts, versatile, open to all artistic renovation, who always bet on all new in the field of art, cinema, circus, dance and theatrical arts.

FAD, a cultural association created in 1903, gathering the spirit of this singular man and con the will to continue his promotional work and discovery both artistic and cultural, in 1976 instituted the FAD SebastiÓ Gasch Award.

Nowadays, the SebastiÓ Gasch Awards start again but with some very significant changes.

The first and most important one is that they are extended to the rest of Catalonia: we will have our eyes on all the provinces not to let any out!. Another novelty is this web page in which all of you are invited to recommend everything you find interesting and, in short, you can present shows that maybe could be finally awarded.

In order to break even more bars, and being carried away with the magic of the theatrical creation abroad, the day of the Awards Ceremony, a foreign company will visit us with a show worth licking our fingers.

SebastiÓ Gasch FAD Awards Of Paratheatrical Arts