Critic of art and theatrical art

Sebastià Gasch (1897-1980), critic, writer, journalist, practiced his profession throughout more than fifty years, in newspapers, magazines and books edited in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Brussels…At the end of 1925 he published his first article, where he made a convincing praise of the painting of his friend Joan Miró. And from here, is the most passionate defender of vanguard art of the Spanish state: Picasso, Dalí, Le Corbusier, Calder, Arp and always Miró.

From Gasch came the idea of Yellow Manifest, which  signs together Salvador Dalí y Lluís Montanyà and that summarizes his opposition to the crazy culture of post-novecentism. But it wasn’t enough with the defense of a painting and risky architecture, of high adventure, and his liking for popular culture directs him to an opening of horizons: Gasch is an authority in genre and languages that the culture –the other culture and the official culture – dismissed, like the circus, dance, cinema, theater and the music-hall…All these manifestations of the world of spectacle- and many more: the transforming, the illusion, jazz, puppets… - they are like signs of modernity of the culture of his time. And Gasch is its maximum feature writer, before and after the war, with a perceptive pen, engaged until the end with a high idea of the critic of art and arts of the theater.

Sebastià Gasch FAD Awards Of Paratheatrical Arts